Welcome to Labor of Love

Celebrating 25 years of Vermont Works for Women

Labor of Love recognizes and honors women who are passionate about their work, inspire others, and exemplify excellence in their career fields.

The honorees hail from all corners of Vermont. They are farmers, doctors, tattoo artists, college presidents, electricians, general store clerks, and entrepreneurs – the young and young-at-heart; women well-known for their contributions, and others beginning to make their marks.

Featuring portraiture by Mary Claire Carroll, in combination with excerpts of interviews conducted by young women collaborating with the Vermont Folklife Center, Labor of Love was created to celebrate Vermont Works for Women’s 25th anniversary.

VWW helps women and girls recognize their potential and explore, pursue, and excel in work that leads to economic independence.  We work toward the day when women and girls make confident, deliberate choices about life and work that reflect an expansive sense of the world’s possibilities, a fearless commitment to pursuing their dreams, and a desire to contribute to the vitality of our communities.

Research confirms the link between job training and lower poverty rates. Investments in training can put Vermont women to work — reducing dependency on government services and raising tax revenue. Clearly, investing in girls and women is good for our communities and the economy.

Vermont Works for Women’s programs offer opportunities to explore different interests, to build confidence through mentoring or coaching, and to develop and perfect skills through hands-on training.  Learn more at www.vtworksforwomen.org.